School Programs


Nature & Animals - Ages K-3

Curriculum Areas: 

Metamorphosis of Insects, Life Cycles, Nature Study

Playful songs that invite the audience to guess animal names, do sign language, run like coyotes, and become nocturnal animals. Also included are participative origin stories.

The Story Inside - Ages K-5

Curriculum Areas: 

Language Arts -- Writing, Storytelling

Everyone has a story inside — this program encourages the development of that story and the storyteller's art of telling it. In performance this translates into an energetic presentation of stories, drawn from George's past, collected from Native American sources, and conjured using imaginative means.

Never Hurt Anyone - Ages K-5

Curriculum Areas: 

Life Skills of Respect, Integrity, Cooperation, Kindness

A fun and funny approach to a serious subject and a great way to reinforce life skills! This program features slapstick pantomime, do-along songs, and act-along stories. Together with the audience, George explores the importance of being kind to each other and working together cooperatively.

Don't Let Them Take Your Brain Away - Ages K-5

Curriculum Areas:

Life Skills, Turn-Off The TV Weeks, Language Arts - Writing

Turn of the T.V. and turn on your creativity! Stimulate discussion and promote thinking in students concerning the habit of watching too much television. Using songs, stories and poems, George weaves an argument for saying "yes" to each person's creativity, and saying "no" more often to the television.