George enlivens participants to create with music, movement, and drawings until each has developed a story to tell. Students encourage each other through a rehearsal process until they are ready to tell their story in a final celebratory performance. Finally the moment arrives, the stage is set, and each student performs their story to the rapt attention of their peers. The process often culminates in a school convocation featuring the storytellers or with a videotaping of all the performances.  This process is often successfully followed by a writing workshop which records and develops the told story.

The Story Inside model can be adapted to create a group play which is performed after a number of workshops.  It can be followed by a playwriting component in which all participants work together to refine the written production—receiving group authorship in the process.

This is a great program for emphasizing different types of literacy, particularly the way humans make meaning differently through the creation of a variety of different sign systems.  

For more information concerning these workshops regarding time and space requirements, and necessary supplies, please contact us.